LISHINU Original dog leash Blue with patent-pending Auto-locking mechanism New

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LISHINU Original dog leash Blue with patent-pending Auto-locking mechanism

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Go jogging. Go shopping. Hold hands with your loved one. Tie your shoes. Open the door. Carry the bags...Simple tasks that remain simple with Lishinu. Have you noticed, there are no buttons? With Lishinu it's easy to control your pet with no restraint. You can now really feel your animal friend and enjoy your special moments to the full. It's all the functionality without unnecessary wearable parts.

Lishinu functionality was designed and built based on real life experiences. Here are some of the key safety features that distinguish Lishinu from the competition:

-Autolock patented mechanism. The pet can't develop the speed or power needed to pull an adult person. The sound that the mechanism produces can also be used to train the pet from pulling in a natural way
- Retractable leash.
- Safety release. In case of danger the safety pull provides an effective way to free yourself from the leash. To use the safety release just pull the belt by the red tag towards your body and release the belt.
- Metal hook.
- Changeable cover for personalized look.
- Light reflective sling.
- Hand loop for retaining 100% control of your pet.
- 3m skydiving cord for maximum strength. Lishinu uses a special high density cord that ensures maximum strength.
- The Soft padding beneath the wrist belt provides comfort for an even more enjoyable experience. The soft padding also ensures that no bruises are produced while wearing Lishinu. Wrist belt is designed to comfortably fit all wrist sizes and it provides the perfect feel while completely releasing tension from the hand and wrist. That ensures maximum control and freedom of movement

Lishinu has a recommended max load up to 30 kg, but it can take a force of 70 kg.

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Color Blu
Materials No
Size One Size
Width of Choice N/A
Breed No

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