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Dog coats

Un cappottino caldo è un accessorio che non può mancare al tuo cucciolo per affrontare i mesi più freddi dell'anno. Su coco-pei una collezione di cappottini e impermeabili per cani studiati e realizzati per tenere il tuo cane al caldo e all'asciutto, in modo da godersi la tradizionale passeggiata anche sotto la pioggia o con le temperature più basse.  Cappotti per cani di ogni taglia per rispondere a tutte le esigenze e per padroni che vogliono vestire il proprio cane alla moda

  • Milly Waterproof Jacket

    Our classic jacket cut built for the rain. A waxed canvas outer shell protects your dog’s fur from the elements in style. A flipped collar reveals the durable canvas lining. Cujo’s weighs ...
  • Dog coat C7-DEVON

    Coat for dogs DEVON Stylish and convenient dog pullover in elegant herringbone fabric in Gray with cuddly inside in dark blue. It can be put on and taken off in seconds with a simple separate el...
  • Dog coat water repellant BROOKLYN WAXED TARTAN

    Dog coat with water-repellent outside fabric and inner lining made of super soft fleece. Material: 100% waxed cotton Inner Lining: 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose Washing: Mashine washable ...
  • Smith Wool Coat

    Drawing inspiration from authentic Americana roots, our classic coat style is timeless. The generous cut provides maximum coverage to keep your dog warm through the winter. The collar is designed to f...
  • Rupert Waterproof Jacket

    Drawing inspiration from authentic Americana roots, each jacket is classic but still as unique as the dog who wears it. The collar is designed to flip at the back of the neck to reveal a pop of the in...
  • Dog coat C7-CAMBRIDGE

    Coat for dogs CAMBRIDGE Contrary to popular belief, a dog coat is not just a fashion statement, but actually an important item for many dogs. Especially for dogs without much of an undercoat or older...
  • Dog coat OXFORD C7

    Dog Coat The Oxford dog coat serves all the most important functions. It can be put on and taken off in seconds with a simple Velcro fastener, and its waterproof outer material in the body, a cuddly ...